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Transparency, Accountability and Participation in Regulatory Governance

Lexchange endeavours for enhanced transparency, accountability and participation in regulatory governance. In co-developing knowledge networks with stakeholders, Lexchange sustains initiatives of regulatory reform.

Regulatory Quality at Heart

Lexchange is a knowledge, exchange and network facilitator on regulatory governance, aimed at reform in support of Good Governance, Rule Of Law enhancement and Anti-Corruption in pre-accession countries (EU), developing countries and countries in transition.

Lexchange: Lex, Exchange, Change. Sound Regulatory Governance for Sound Societies

Meet Lexchange

Who we are

1 Lexchange is a knowledge, exchange and network facilitator, focusing on regulatory governance and reform in pre-accession countries (EU), countries in transition and development. Read more

What regulatory gov is

2 Regulatory governance is about the processes, organizational aspects, as well the material aspects of regulation, guided by constitutional and administrative legal principles and practices. Read more

What we do

3 Accessing a large network of experts and trainers in rule making from various disciplines, Lexchange is able to match a particular demand for regulatory expertise with the right experts. Read more

Who we address

4 Lexchange reaches out to stakeholder organizations in regulatory governance, i.e. international and regional (development) organisations, public sector organizations, the judiciary, NGO´s and business. Read more